Welcome to SOUNDTRACK PARADISE, my ever growing list of Movie/TV/Game OSTS from Original Releases to Expanded Releases.
All Soundtracks are in APE/FLAC/M4A/MP3/OGG/WMA formats.
(If you prefare a different format let me know.)

Most of them are Compact Disc rips with the exception of a few Vinyl/Cassette rips from OSTS that have yet to get an official CD release.
If there is any OST's you have that i'm after please do let me know.

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You will need to become a member in order to download my OSTS from Final Fantasy Shrine but are free to download as much as you like from my blog. Enjoy what's available and remember to leave feedback.
All the OST's listed on this Blog are for sharing purposes only and please do try to seek out and purchase these when ever possible, none of these OST's are stored on this Blog and if there is a DEAD link please don't send me Re-Up requests, just be patient and the link will be sorted. I give all the credit to the people who released these OST's and the Movie/TV Show/Game there taken from. Please don't download these with the intent to SELL them, you may add a link to your own Blog/Forum, but remember to give credit to whom it concerns. * NOTE * All Download Links are regularly checked and are updated/re-uploaded accordingly. All OST's are fully tested before they are uploaded to avoid any faults from CD ripping. (Vinyl rips and Cassette rips may contain hiss or pops 'n' cracks but can't be helped unless I find a better version or a CD re-issue is released.) PLEASE DON'T SEND RE-UPLOAD REQUESTS * UPDATE * Hi all you soundtrack lovers I am currently in hospital and won't be able to post much stuff as I am detained under a Mental Health Act 1983 section 3, dont worry im not psycho LMAO! Got limited computer time do stay tuned and PLEASE DONATE I will give you cool BONUSES!!! (04/02/2018)
Recently gone to a new Ward now and can get more media time!! Watch this space Soundtrack Friends!!! (17/02/2018)


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